Internet Speeds - understanding what to expect in your home or office.

Understanding the options for Internet in my home/office
In the Atlanta Metro area, there are basically very few Internet providers available, mostly just 2, unless you are in a high rise or apartment.  So for your home or small business, it is either AT&T or Comcast.
Here is a link to check what’s available in your area:
If you have a larger business, and need multi-state Broadband, then there are more choices, but also much higher prices.  
Speed of your internet connection is the big leveler when it comes to working online.  What sounds like a good speed becomes totally inadequate unless you understand the difference between mega BITS and mega BYTES!!   
Gigabit internet, now being installed through Georgia by AT&T and Comcast, is speedy, but not what it appears, because the speed of pulling and pushing videos, files, etc.  to and from the Internet is really measured in BYTES, not BITS.  There are 8 bits in a byte, so a GIGABIT connection divided by 8 becomes 128Mbytes per second in DOWNLOAD speed.   Upload speed will not be anywhere as fast, so if you are SENDING a file to someone, you are limited by your UPLOAD speed.

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