Office 365 Decoded

What exactly IS Microsoft Office 365?

Simply stated, it is Microsoft Office, hosted by Microsoft where the files are kept in their data centers, instead of in your office computers, or servers. Instead of BUYING it, you are RENTING it with monthly or annual subscription fees which could reduce your annual expense, and definitely increase your file and email safety.
You can access it through the Internet with any web browser, and run Word and Excel without having to install anything on your computer.  The files can be saved on your One Drive at Microsoft.

If you pay a little higher subscription fee,  you are given licenses to download and install Microsoft Office on up to FIVE “devices” that you own with no other cost than the monthly/annual per user fee. Microsoft upgrades your Office to the LATEST versions as they are introduced, no additional fees.

The devices can be desktops, laptops, tablets, or smart phones powered by Windows, Android,  or Apple iOS – Macs, iPads and iPhones
Whereas with Microsoft Office that you PURCHASE, you are actually purchasing a LICENSE to install it and use it on one device.  If a new version arrives, you must buy that to upgrade.

Microsoft has done a great job of making it secure, and easy for administrators to manage the back end, which is reached through web interface on the Internet.  IT Larry can be your administrator and  manage it for you, if you want.

Effectively, this means you are using Microsoft’s Exchange Servers and storage for documents, spreadsheets, and Outlook email files. You no longer have to worry about LOCALLY stored Outlook fies.

Contact IT Larry for information and help on this Microsoft solution.

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