The best backup is the one you never have to use!!

One of the most important jobs we have at Cobbwebs is protecting the MAIN thing that computers are used for:  DATA!!   Without it, there is very little need for computing in the first place!  Proper backup is like insurance.  You hope you never need it.  But if you don’t have proper backup, then you stand to lose a lot if something does happen.
The 3-2-1 Rule:
In the IT industry, the 3-2-1 Backup Rule is a best practices suggestion.  If you do not know what that rule is, then chances are you are not protecting your data.  Here’s the rule: 
If you’re backing something up, you should have:
At least three copies,
In two different formats,
With one of those copies off-site.
The first copy is the original.  Different formats can mean that you have a second copy on a different type of media, DVD, Server hard drive, external USB drive, etc.
Off-site means at another physical location, which can include most recently what we call the Cloud.
At Cobbwebs, we believe there is ANOTHER requirement.  You need multiple versions of the data, meaning older versions from weeks and months ago. Because if you are only backing up data from today or yesterday, what happens if you need an older copy?
So we have a Cloud backup offering that keeps versions for months.  This is important because of the increasing possibility of ransomware and other viruses, and also, of course, when an older version is needed for other reasons.

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