Can't we all just get along together?

At the TONIC meeting this morning there were about 25 people. A very diverse and lively group. I was one of three "IT" guys, not to mention others who specialize in websites, email marketing, search engine optimization, mobile marketing, and cash back online marketing.

In the small-group and one-on-one conversations after the meeting,  I realized that most people are now using two or all three of the mainstream software/hardware platforms: Apple, Google (Android), and Microsoft. 
Now, I am not the only one toting a Microsoft Surface tablet. There were two of those.
There were several people who are using all three.  In talking to them about various computer topics, almost everyone still has desktops back at the office, or laptops in the car that they did not need to bring into Capozzi's Deli for the meeting.
What has happened is, there are MORE CHOICES for the end user, which is one of the great things about competition and living in America.  I remember Bill Gates once mentioned at a presentation the concept of "co-opetition."  What a great country!  As one credit card advertisement says "What's in your wallet?" (computer case)?

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Good observation, Larry :-) I have a Mac laptop, a PC laptop, a desktop PC, an iPad, and two Android phones. That should keep me covered... It also helps when I need to preview clients' websites when our partners or we build them in caSaaS™.

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