Why Managed Cloud Backup is Better

Cobbwebs provides backup for PCs, Laptops, and Servers that is Monitored by us.  Some of our clients use it in addition to other backups they have, local external backup, free backup that comes with devices and software they own, etc.  The difference CAN sometimes be quite significant.
One client recently had a situation where all of the local copies of their accounting data had become corrupt.  At least that is what the Intuit software indicated.  Even re-installing the software and updating did not help.
Fortunately, they were using our Monitored Cloud backup which backs up nitely, and keeps up to 90 days of versions.  Turns out it was necessary to restore copies of the last 30 days of backups and start testing backwards in time until a non-corrupted version was found.
Otherwise, we don't know what the solution would have been.  Maybe the data could have been recovered by their accounting software company, but that might take a while, if possible at all.
The backup recovery and finding the last good copy took a couple of hours and they were back in business!
Call us, and we will cover your "back" up.

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