Windows 10 Security may be all you need

This started out as a follow up to my April 16, 2016 article entitled: “Hey, it's on national TV! It MUST be true!”

 I grew up in the Midwest in the days of black and white TV, which my parents couldn’t afford, but my grandparents (who lived next door) could.  Later, I could afford color TV. 

Suffice it to say, unlike the present generation, who do not really watch television, I have watched a lot of it in my lifetime!

I have learned that almost all the advertising you see should be suspect, until proven otherwise! It’s called caveat emptor – buyer beware!

So when I see an ad, like the one for PC-Matic, my technical radar is in full force!

Protection from Malware, Viruses, indentity theft, etc. is extremely important today. Fortunately, Microsoft is doing a much better job now with Windows 10.

Now, Windows 10 may be providing as much security as you need built right into the operating system.

The biggest cause of infections, in my recent experience, are caused by lack of vigilance by computer users – making mistakes by clicking on things they shouldn’t and inviting the “bad guys” into their computers!

You can count on IT Larry for advice on your computer security, just email, text, or call!!

Link to pc mag articles-,2817,1926596,00.asp

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