Windows 10 Updates. Information you should know.

Windows 10 Tips and Tricks                                                                           April, 2018   

How to control when Windows 10 Updates happen.

Windows 10 was first introduced in October of 2014 (pre-release version).  That was almost 4 years ago!!   The free upgrade started in July of 2015, and then ended in July of 2016, when it became a paid product.

The difference between Windows 10 and all the previous versions is that it is provided as a SERVICE, not as just another VERSION as was the tradition with Microsoft.  That means Windows users get Windows 10 when they purchase a new computer, and from then on it is a matter of just keeping it updated with the latest updates.

This is a departure from what Microsoft customers are used to, but makes sense in the world of cloud based technology.

Since Microsoft does still have a large base of users with previous versions, then to get to Windows 10 without buying a new device there are paid upgrades.  However, once you buy Windows 10, you do not have to “buy” it again, since it will come with any Windows based device you purchase in the future.

For the individual Microsoft user purchasing a new computer, an important thing to consider is this:  Windows 10 Home is the version for the general population, and Windows 10 Professional is the business version.  There are other versions as well for education and enterprise, however Windows updates are AUTOMATIC on Win 10 Home.  So, to have any control over when they happen, you must have Win 10 Pro.

Windows 10 Pro versions and above provide options to control:

  • How updates are installed
  • When updates are installed
  • How many days to delay feature updates
  • How many days to delay quality updates.

There are articles available that give more information on how to access these options, such as this one from ZDNET.

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