Windows 8 Protection: A good reason to buy?

I was talking shop and trading war stories with an IT colleague this week. We were discussing Windows 8 when I mentioned that one on-line pundit said Windows 8 was a flop compared to previous versions of Windows, and that he was basing his argument on sales figures for Windows Vista and Windows 7 after their introduction, compared to sales so far of Windows 8.

We were discussing security and protection against viruses, when she mentioned a security feature I was not aware of in Windows 8.  I was aware that Microsoft Security Essentials - the anti-virus program from Microsoft - is now built into Windows 8.  However what I did not know, that my colleague pointed out, is that MSE activates BEFORE the kernel of the Windows 8 OS is fully loaded. This is called the Early-Launch Anti-Malware (ELAM) feature.

That means it is not possible for a virus to start running before the Windows 8 AV protection kicks in.

This one feature alone may be enough reason to buy Windows 8!  Especially if you are buying a new computer.  There are lots of other reasons to consider Windows 8, especially if you are moving into the "touch" mode with smart phones and tablets, but still need the familiar "keyboard" and "software" to get your work done.

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