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Avoid Phone Scams!

Here's the way it happens:
The phone rings. It's a number and name you do not recognize. You answer it and the recorded voice at the other end says it is Microsoft calling and that your computer has been compromised, or the license has expired, or it is sending random messages, etc.

The voice says to call a toll free number to reach Microsoft support or some technical service. DON'T DO THAT!!

Microsoft DOES NOT call people individually, and they have no way of knowing such information nor do they have the time or resources to do what the voice is suggesting.

If you or someone you know have already called and let someone into your computer from "Microsoft" then call IT Larry RIGHT AWAY to see what damage was done!!
Link to MS Phone Scam

Tune up that Windows 7 computer!

If you own a Windows 7 Laptop or Desktop, and it is a fairly recent model in good shape, you can get a "Tune Up" and it can boot up much faster, and run faster.

If you are NOT ready to experience Windows 10, Microsoft is STILL supporting Windows 7 until January 14, 2020 with updates.

A new SSD drive and perhaps more RAM may do the trick! Call IT Larry to find out!

Website or Web Program? What's the difference?

What is the difference between a Web SITE and a Web PROGRAM? Do you need a Web PROGRAM (Application) for your company?? What does your website do for you now??

If you are not sure of the answer(s) to these questions, call IT Larry and let's discuss the topic!!

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