Windows 7 Will Get Updates Until January 2020....

IT Larry says......

If you are hanging in there with Windows 7, and your computer is doing fine, then you NOW have until January 2020 before Microsoft stops providing updates for your version of Windows. Windows 7 is still in use world wide.

If your computer/laptop is not as speedy as it used to be, IT Larry can speed it up by replacing the hard drive with one of the new FASTER Solid State Drives. Call him to learn more!!

Windows 10 October 2018 Update:

How Windows Update Prevents Unexpected Reboots

Windows 10 version 1809 will include several new features, like Cloud Clipboard and a dark theme for File Explorer, but at the same time, it also comes with smaller refinements that are supposed to improve the general experience with the OS.

Proactive Computer Support - fix things BEFORE they break!

IT Larry is offering a new MONITORING service!
The old adage "don't fix things that aren't broken" may be fine for the coffee pot, the washer, or the hair dryer, but when you depend on your computer system for day to day, minute to minute productivity, it's better to have a plan if all of a sudden it stops working!

    Anti-Virus need updating
    Firewall is not running
    Disk space is low
    Low memory or high CPU
    Malicious applications
    Popup errors or warnings
    If you have a relative or a friend who totally depends on their computer, IT Larry can help!

    With remote monitoring and support software, he can reach them as long as the computer is on the internet. And... Fix things BEFORE they break!!

    Have them email or call 678-508-9008.

    Then visit our remote support help desk....

    Your Company on the Web!

    So how is your Website looking today?
    • Is it modern??
    • Does it look good?
    • Can I see it on my phone?
    • Does it S-C-A-L-E ?
    IT Larry may be able to help.

    Check out some examples
    Cobbwebs Cloud Backup:

    • IT Larry monitors it for you.
    • 90 Days of previous versions.
    • Use it in addition to your present backup.
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