How to keep Windows 7 and 8 stable and running.

Be Careful what you click on, or install!  Don’t get too fancy with software bells and whistles.

                Software that can slow your computer down:

·         Overly aggressive and protective anti-virus.

·         Browser Add-ons. These can be good AND bad.

·         Software that is always running – look at the icons on the taskbar.

·         P.U.P.s – Potentially Unwanted Programs – these are installed when you install or click something that looks good, but ends up installing add-ons, utilities, etc. that you don’t want or need, with or without your permission.                            

Watch your hard drive space!  An almost full hard drive will slow down your computer. Running out could be a disaster.  If your computer has one of the newer solid state drives, it may not have as much space as you think.  However, if it is older than a year or two, it probably has a “SATA” drive, and they are very inexpensive now, so an upgrade to a new, larger hard drive is a no brainer.

Keep your software updated! Generally, you should get all the Windows updates (at least the critical ones).  That is true also for Adobe Reader, Flash, and Java updates because a lot of malware targets computers that are running older versions that haven’t been updated to the latest.

Contact IT Larry for further information on this subject.

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