Windows 10 – Is it time to leave Microsoft for Mac or Linux??

If you are trying to decide whether you want to continue with Microsoft Windows and you are reading this before July 29th – the end of free upgrade, then here is some information that may put it in perspective for you.  If you have already upgraded to Windows 10 and are not happy, this will help also.

There are actually are TWO alternatives, not just Apple, if you believe it is time to make a change from Windows now that Windows 10 is going to be the only choice with Microsoft for your desktop or laptop.

If you are not tied down to Microsoft’s Office Suite, then Linux is now an option, since it has matured into a “do-able” alternative with a graphical interface and many software options, most all of which are Open Source and are free for the most part.

Here are some links to articles that will give you an idea of what is required to move.  Many people use all three (Android is a derivative of Linux).

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8 Reasons to Switch From Windows 10 to Linux

Which should I buy- a PC or a Mac- - Technology - The Guardian

Why Linux is still better than Windows 10 - InfoWorld

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