Hey, it's on national TV! It MUST be true!

Have you seen this picture on TV?  If so, hopefully you have taken what was said with a "grain of salt"!  It is very misleading.  The company, PC Pitstop that produces  PC Matic, is a legitimate company that has been around since 1999, and the guy who started it, Rob Cheng, is an ambitious, likeable fellow.  (See a link below for a bit of his history.) 

However, his recent appearances promoting PC Matic software have been less than stellar when it comes to TV Advertising.

PC Matic is an anti-malware product that has mixed results, and claims made for it can be misleading.  The ads are evidently successful, or PC Pitstop would not be plastering TV with advertising, which is not cheap!

IT Larry has checked several times on some of the claims made on testing results, and they are just not totally accurate!

So be careful what you depend upon for security, stability, and anti-virus protection on your PC.  Stick with the brands you have heard of and verify for yourself which products have good testing results with OUTSIDE sources!

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