The Cloud = Internet

The Tsunami is Here!

"The Internet is like a Tsunami, it will change everything!........... ".... (IT) Larry Stanley -- 1999
This is what IT Larry realized, back in 1999 while developing software that leveraged web browsers as the front end to back-end data for clients.
Wow! what a change since then! That was before Y2K, if anyone remembers that expression from the year 2000.
Here we are, in the Internet future, where every other word is " CLOUD!"

Get on board, or get washed over-board!
Cloud technology is here to stay.

IT Larry can help you navigate the waters!

Office 365

If you use Outlook for your email, you should definitely be using Office 365. It is now a proven product that could possibly help you avert a disastrous email loss!
Contact IT Larry for information and help migrating your Outlook users to this platform.... 678-508-9008

Your Company on the Web!

So how is your Website looking today?
  • Is it modern??
  • Does it look good?
  • Can I see it on my phone?
  • Does it S-C-A-L-E ?
IT Larry may be able to help.

Check out some examples
Oh, did I forget to mention BACKUP?
Is yours working?
Call IT Larry to find out what you should have....... or click on Learn more button.
This backup is monitored and keeps 90 days of previous versions. Ask IT Larry why this is important!
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