Windows 10 Tips and Advice

Like it or not, Windows 10 is the operating system Microsoft is providing from now on. Here is some info from IT Larry to help understand it and deal with it.
1) If you still have Windows 7:
  • If its running okay, you are good until 2020.
  • If it is giving you problems, buy a new one - see # 3:
2) If you got the free upgrade to Windows 10:
  • To make it easier to use, install Classic Shell.
  • If you are learning it okay, keep it.
3) If you are buying a new laptop or desktop:
  • It will come with Windows 10. (There are still other choices - ask IT Larry)
  • If you are OK with touch screen, consider a Microsoft Surface.
  • If you are fed up with Microsoft, look at the new Apple Macs.

Remote Support - help when you really need it!

If you have a relative or a friend frustrated with a computer issue, IT Larry can help!

With remote support software, he can reach them as long as the computer is on the internet.

Have them email or call 678-508-9008.

Then visit our remote support help desk....

Your Company on the Web!

So how is your Website looking today?
  • Is it modern??
  • Does it look good?
  • Can I see it on my phone?
  • Does it S-C-A-L-E ?
IT Larry may be able to help.

Check out some examples
Cobbwebs Cloud Backup:

  • IT Larry monitors it for you.
  • 90 Days of previous versions.
  • Use it in addition to your present backup.
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